Warthog - 160LBs Iron Plates Bundle

Warthog - 160LBs Iron Plates Bundle

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The greatest half rack, with the greatest savings! This bundle not only includes all the Warthog goodies such as the Barbell holder, Spotter Arms, Plate holders but also includes:

Warthog Half Rack

Built for a well-rounded workout, add-ons are easily added to our standard metal towers. With the Warthog, be confident in your workouts. Having equipment that specializes in squats, bench and pullups and all their variants. Workout routines such as the floor press is easily managed with our longer Spotter Arms that are INCLUDED with the Warthog!

Featuring 3x3 steel towers. These are designed with 11- gauge steel. This beast will not disappoint. It is designed to take those power hits. Built to last with powder-coated metal, the Warthog will not wear down.


Cast Iron Weights (160lbs)

Starter set includes a set of (45s/25s/10s)

The staple plate in any gym. You have seen these everywhere from school weight rooms to commercial gyms, to Olympic testing facilities. These are benchmark plates designed to be hit hard and hit back!

These Cast Iron Plates are sleek in design yet robust in attitude. The center bore is an Olympic Standard for 2-inch plates. Whether you choose to load up a barbell or work out with the plate itself, these are made to last!


Thunderbolt Olympic Barbell

The Thunderbolt Olympic Bar is a staple weapon of choice of many. It is a workhorse in gyms and fitness centers. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, the Thunderbolt is up for the task.

Thunderbolt is a sure pick in your weapon of choice. At the heart of it, the Thunderbolt is made of Alloy Steel with 2 copper sleeves. The Thunderbolt is created with a 4-bearing distribution that are designed to spin and limit any inertia when the bar is lifted and swung.


Bearings Rated: 700lbs

Length – 86 Inch , 2.2m

Weight – 45lb, 20kg

Grasping Diameter: - 28mm