Sinister EZ Curl Bar 4 FOOT - 330 Lbs
Sinister EZ Curl Bar 4 FOOT - 330 Lbs

Sinister EZ Curl Bar 4 FOOT - 330 Lbs

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Never forget about arm day!

It’s all about arm day with our Sinister EZ Curl Bar. Go crazy with your bicep and tricep isolate workouts. This is all about serious gains with. Ideal for any workouts involving flexible arm movements such as rows, grappling, and pull-ups. The Sinister EZ Curl Bar is sure to push your workout game.

With budget in mind, we have released the Sinister Bar as a way to maximize your lift game while not taking dent in your budget.

Designed with the safety of our clients in mind, this bar is steel plated. The Sinister will take the hits day-in and day-out.  What’s impressive is that despite its small size, the Sinister EZ Curl Bar offers a double bearing design. This gives it a bearing rating of 330lbs.

Push your lifting game to its absolute limit!




Bearings Rated: 330lbs

Length – 48 Inch, 1.2m

Grasping Diameter: - 28 mm


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