Lynx and Akita Bundle (6715937980592)

Lynx and Akita Bundle

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The Ultimate Space Saver Bundle


This bundle includes:

Lynx Squat Stand - Apprentice Series:

Our Lynx Stand is an entry-level rack into your weight lifting regime. Made with high quality construction, our Lynx will help you create a routine for your weight training goals. This rack is rated for 350lbs so you have room to grow.

Squat Height is Adjustable.

Lynx is designed with two major workouts in mind, squats and bench press! Be able to push yourself with the adjustable arm height for these two crucial workouts.

Easily add an Adjustable bench or a flat bench. With the adjustable bench, your range of workouts increase exponentially with ample room for inline/decline

Created with a small space in mind, we at Mighty Fitness understand that space and footprint is a crucial component in your home gym. Easily movable when you need to, there are no clunky and odd components that wouldn’t be easily stored.

Rubber caps cover the feet to prevent any sort of wear on the floors in your home!

Akita Adjustable Bench:

Our Akita Adjustable Bench is made to keep up with your workouts! Offering high quality construction, the Akita is a great bench for beginners to professional athletes.

The Akita Adjustable Bench offers three incline options and one decline option. This bench is suited for all your workouts ranging from shoulder presses to decline bench press.



Backrest: 30 inches

Footprint: 50 inches x inches


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