About Us


Mighty Fitness is your Canadian based fitness brand specializing in home gym equipment. It is our goal to motivate you and provide you with the means to get healthy and mighty fit.

Mighty Fitness grew out of necessity. With gyms being closed nationwide, we recognized the importance of staying fit in the comfort of your home. We like to stay active and healthy and we want to provide you with the same opportunity.

We started by creating our own gym and realized the need for home gyms.
We have created our products with great detail, aesthetic and quality. Our equipment comes in a variety of colours to go well with your home interior. Let us help you create the perfect home gym - let it be in your office, bedroom, living room or basement. We carry all the essentials you will need to create your mighty den! 

Stay mighty fit in your home. 


Mighty Fitness Staff - Heavy Squat Training

Believe in the power of calluses. 

We are determined to get weights into your hands. Mighty Fitness products are designed with you in mind. Let's come out of quarantine with the best version of ourselves. Goals are achieved when you become comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Mighty Fitness Staff Bench Pressing - Competition Bumper Plates

We will lift with you.

 We believe in our products because we use them too. 

We rise by lifting others up. It is our goal to stay fit and inspire you to join us in that journey. Your health is your greatest wealth. Let's lift together and motivate others to lift. Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done.