Mighty Fitness - Warthog Half Rack - Elite Series
Mighty Fitness - Warthog Half Rack - Elite Series
Mighty Fitness - Warthog Half Rack - Elite Series
Mighty Fitness - Warthog Half Rack - Elite Series

Warthog Half Rack - Elite Series

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Stand your ground with our Warthog Half Rack!


This half rack is the ultimate in power lifting equipment. Our Warthog is designed to push the amateur to the professional level!

Featuring 3x3, 11- gauge steel. This beast will not disappoint. It is designed to take those power hits. Built to last with powder-coated metal, the Warthog will not wear down. Will you?

The Warthog is well rounded for those power hits. It comes with large spotter arms to give you that confidence when pushing your limits. The J-Cups are designed in part with this half Rack design so they are the same heavy-duty construction. Along with the 6 Plate holders, you will not have to be worried about littering plates all over your gym floor. Don’t forget the 2 landmine styled barbell holders that are included.

Built for a well-rounded workout, add-ons are easily added to our standard metal towers. With the Warthog, be confident in your workouts. Having equipment that specializes in squats, bench and pullups and all their variants. Workout routines such as the floor press is easily managed with our longer Spotter Arms that are INCLUDED with the Warthog!


What’s Included:

  • 2 Heavy Duty J-Cups
  • 2 Barbell Holders
  • 6 Bumper Plate Holders
  • 2 Large Spotter Arms
  • All installation Hardware



Height – 93 inches (for garage or studio) or Custom Height to your desire (93" or less)

Width – 54 inches

Depth – 54 Inches

Weight – 375 lbs


Customer Reviews

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Would recommend

Good rack! It's a solid piece. Honestly better than the squat rack at the gym. I bought their competition plates as well. The whole set up looks really sweet. If you have the budget and space for this, I would recommend.

highly recommend

I saw an ad for this rack on instagram and I never buy into those advertisements but I googled Mighty Fitness and saw that their store was a few minutes from me so decided to check it out in person. And I am so glad I did. This is a mean rack! I am in the middle of making a home gym and this was such a great addition. Highly recommend. They delivered the very next day. Great customer service too.


I love this stand. I love this stand. Exactly what I needed and wanted !!!
Sturdy. Quality parts. Easy assembly. Made in USA.

i recommend this guy. the plates on the side look nice

Worth every penny!!

I bought this rack dec 2021 and it’s by far the best quality bench and squat rack I’ve ever owned or used in a home gym. Build was straight foward, doesn’t need to be bolted down, moveable, and looks bad ass.

A great investment in the long run in my opinion.

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