SabreTooth Power Bundle - Sabretooth Power + 260LB Bumpers + Cutlass Barbell

SabreTooth Power Bundle - Sabretooth Power + 260LB Bumpers + Cutlass Barbell

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A bundle created when you want to take your lifting game more serious. we give you serious savings! our bundle included:

Sabretooth Rack - Elite Series

The Sabretooth is designed as a step up from our base Tetra Rack. The Sabretooth is designed inline with our commercial ELITE series.

With the Sabretooth, you can easily combine workouts. Having equipment that specializes in squats, bench and pullups and all their variants. Workout routines such as the floor press is easily managed with our longer Spotter Arms that are INCLUDED with the Sabretooth!

We use high grade 11-gauge steel in our rack design. our 3x3 towers are powder-coated and resistant to wear, this is all about being built for durability. This rack is made to take the hit!


Black Bumper Set (260lbs)

Our classic black and bold bumper plates are a staple in a gym. These plates are ideal when it comes to lift and drop. They are designed to take a beating!

This bundle will include a full set of plates which totals to 260lbs!

You will receive a set of (45s,35s,25s,15s,10s)


Cutlass Olympic Barbell

The Cutlass Olympic Bar is designed to become a daily heavy hitter in your arsenal of gym equipment. With a budget in mind, but never compromising on the quality we offer, The Cutlass is a beast when it comes to strength and endurance.

Designed with high grade Steel, the Cutlass is razor sharp in looks and durability. The double copper sleeves give you the reassurance that this Olympic bar is made for the daily grind.

Rated for 700lbs, be confident in your lift with the Cutlass Olympic Bar