Tetra and Akita Bundle

Tetra and Akita Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

Tetra Rack - Apprentice Series:

The Tetra Rack is our commitment to creating a product that can fit all types of home gyms. This rack provides the adjustability and durability of our Elite series rack, with the affordability of the apprentice series. 
Created with home gym clearances in mind, our Tetra squat rack measures at 80 inches in height, just under the maximum in most standard basement height clearances. The Tetra is designed to be light and easy to move, but with a wide base to support your lifting game! 
Rated to hold 400lbs easily, the Tetra squat rack offers you the room to grow. Fully adjustable safety clips are included: 2 regular arms for bench movements and 2 slightly longer spotter arms. Change your game completely with a Chrome finished Pull-up bar. 
Rear pegs offer plate storage to prevent any wear on your flooring. The four feet of the rack come with wear and slip resistant rubber to prevent any slipping or unwanted movement!

Akita Adjustable Bench:

Our Akita Adjustable Bench is made to keep up with your workouts! Offering high quality construction, the Akita is a great bench for beginners to professional athletes.

The Akita Adjustable Bench offers three incline options and one decline option. This bench is suited for all your workouts ranging from shoulder presses to decline bench press.



Backrest: 30 inches

Footprint: 50 inches x inches

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