Falcon - 260LBs Bumper Plates Bundle
Falcon - 260LBs Bumper Plates Bundle

Falcon - 260LBs Bumper Plates Bundle

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Take flight with our bundle!!!




Falcon Folding Rack - Elite Series:

Just like a pair of wings folding in, the Falcon Folding Rack is here to fold away, giving you the greatest utility in the smallest space available. Hit the weights like you would normally at any of our Elite Series Rack, and then simply fold away when you're done. 

Created with the same high-quality construction you are used to with our Elite Series, the Falcon is capable and durable. We use a high grade 11- gauge metal in our elite series equipment, taking pride in the reliability. The towers are created with 3x3 metal work giving you the ultimate in support strength.

The Falcon folding mechanism is extremely easy. In order to fold away there are three simple steps.

1) Pull the pin out from pull-up bar at the top

2) Remove the 4 securing pins from the support arms

3) Collapse the towers inwards

Akita Adjustable Bench:

Our Akita Adjustable Bench is made to keep up with your workouts! Offering high quality construction, the Akita is a great bench for beginners to professional athletes.

The Akita Adjustable Bench offers three incline options and one decline option. This bench is suited for all your workouts ranging from shoulder presses to decline bench press.



Backrest: 30 inches

Footprint: 50 inches x inches


Mighty Fitness Bumper Plates- Elite Series:


Starter set includes 2 (45s, 35s, 25s, 15s, 10s)

Mighty Fitness Olympic Bumper plates come with raised lettering, giving you that extra edge in aesthetic design. Our Bumper plates come with a 2-inch collar, that will fit the standard Olympic barbell. A thin design allows for more versatility and increased bar capacity. Push your lift game to its absolute limits! 

Diameter is Standard 450mm 

Collar Opening is 50.4mm

Drop Test: 45,000 Times 


Safety is a key priority when it comes to optimizing your workout. You should never have to double guess the equipment you are using. That’s why at Mighty Fitness, we have worked hard to create rubber compound made to withstand drops, time and time again. The High-grade finish will give you confidence in what you lift and how you drop.

 All plates have a standard diameter offering easy storage and stacking options. Look into our Wildebeest storage option!


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