Gecko Utility Bench - Apprentice Series (6160967139504)

Gecko Utility Bench - Apprentice Series

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Transform Your Workout!

Train smart and strengthen your entire body with our Gecko Utility Bench. The Gecko is a Multi-Functional Home Gym Equipment that bends into six different bench positions.

Adjust it to flat, incline, decline, or military so that you can train different muscle groups while ensuring the perfect posture when you train.

The Gecko offers 3 Incline positions, as well as 1 Decline. Perfectly designed to set up shoulder press and lays perfectly for a decline bench. 

Featuring a detachable arm rest. This is ideal for preacher curls whether you have your own EZ CURL bar or you can choose to add weights to the Gecko base and use the handle to curl. work towards the PERFECT WELL ROUNDED WORKOUT.

 After your workout, FOLD AWAY AND STORE, save space with the folding Gecko Utility Bench!!


Customer Reviews

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Klark Bahnan
Great Bench

This is a solid bench. Was able to hold a 200lb guy benching two 70lb dumbbells without wobbling. The leg and curl extension completes full range of motion for seated leg and bicep curls, but not for hamstring curls. The bench comes with a clip that holds the leg extension down so you can do decline bench without sliding off the bench. The seat of the bench can also be inclined. For the price, this is an amazing bench as it offers versatility while having a decent price. The bench was delivered the next day which was fantastic.

Utility bench

Bench is okay but tries to do too much. The leg extension doesn’t complete a full hamstring curl. The bicep curl also can’t complete a full range of motion.

Shomit P.

The Preacher Curl and Leg Builder adds variety to the adjustable bench. This is a must for any home gym needing essential arm and leg work.

Fatima Amasaye
Great quality

Good quality! def recommend for those that utilize benches in every workout
I found their prices very reasonable. Staff is very helpful. I plan on returning if I ever have to buy any other gym equipment

Marcus Persaud
Gecko utility bench apprentice series

I got this bench because my family started working out in the gym I built as well. I’m super happy with my purchase because it added a ton of more exercises to my arsenal since I don’t ever plan on going back to the gym. Great purchase would recommend to anybody

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